It's a tragic accident, that's what police are calling the death Monday of an 11 month old Acadiana child. The scenario seems so illogical and improbable, how could a parent forget their child was in the car? Unfortunately it happens far too many times with equally tragic results.

We all know how hot the interior of a car can get during the summer months in South Louisiana. Temperatures of 125 degree plus can be achieved in just a few hours in a closed car in direct sunlight. Even a car parked in the shade in summer can see its interior temperatures climb to deadly levels too. So what safeguards can parents and care givers put into place to make sure that they remember a sleeping or quiet child in the back seat?

I find when I need to remember anything in the car that I want to bring inside I put something like my house key or office key on top of it. You might also place your cell phone next to the car seat or ladies your purse or pocketbook would be a good idea too.

I know it seems hard to believe that it's possible to forget a child, but it happens. It is so tragic when it does, I hope and pray this will serve as a timely reminder for all of us to refocus on the things we value the most and not the things have made important through our work or obligations.

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