If you think everyone is going crazy from the heat, you're absolutely right. Police are reporting a rise in violent crime and theft as the weather heats up.

Knoe.com reports the "Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office is battling summer crimes. Deputies say the hotter it gets outside, the more they see burglaries and thefts."

In addition to an uptick in theft, Deputies report a rise in aggressive and violent crimes as well.

Is it the heat making everyone extra irritable? Or, is just that the warmer weather makes us go outside more so we're interacting with people more frequently? Looks like it's a little of both.

From knoe.com -

"Dr. Pamela Saulsberry, Director School of Behavioral and Social Sciences at ULM says 'Hot weather can make us act a little bit more foolish then we might if it was cooler.'"

In the heat, our patience wears thin way quicker than it does in cooler temps. About the only thing you can do practice turning the other cheek.

Have you noticed people getting fired up and going crazy from this Summer heat?

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