I have never been to the Middle East. I know many of you have and many more of you love someone who has been in service to our country in that part of the world. I know it is a dangerous place, or it can be for Americans. I also know it gets very hot. I can only imagine how hot it must feel inside the uniform our service personnel have to wear. I am sure that uniform also includes body armor and hopefully other items that keep them safe from those that would do them harm.

As I watched this video I couldn't help but reminisce. Seeing the heat from the Summer sun melting the blacktop of the road underneath that soldier's boot took me back to  my own childhood. No I didn't grow up in the Iran, I grew up in Mississippi. Some people still consider where I grew up a third world country. I remember as a kid going barefoot in the summertime. We all did, shoes were for school.

I also remember the melting tar of the blacktop road that ran in front of our house sticking to the soles of our feet. By the end of the summer the bottoms of our feet were impervious to pain. We could walk on flaming broken glass and not feel a thing. That memory made me stop and think of this. I had such an interesting childhood because men and women, such as these soldiers were willing to put their lives on the line for our way of life.

The soldiers in this video are no different, they are here for us. I for one am very grateful that they are. If you are currently serving our country in the military God Bless you and come home soon. If you have a friend or family member serving be sure to join Lia tonight for Military Moments on the radio.

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