Chris Janson has written a ton of songs, so what makes his new single "Done" his favorite of all time?

It has everything to do with his wife, Kelly Lynn, who is always a catalyst for Jansons's love songs. But "Done," in particular, captures the couple's love story, Janson tells Taste of Country.

“It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written,” Janson says. “The opening line of the song, my favorite line is, ‘Done, the first time I saw you, done.’ And that’s what I said the first time I saw her. I saw her right down the street from here at Melrose Pool Hall [in Nashville]. First time, I was like, 'Done and done, marrying that girl.'”

Janson, who also has an electrifying stage show (think of a redneck Mick Jagger), has plenty of tempo songs about good times and tapping kegs, but he’s proud that he now has a tempo love song to fit into his mix.

“Love songs that I write are usually ballads, and I like tempo songs,” Janson tells Taste of Country. “I just prefer tempo songs, especially for getting them played and getting them to the masses, they tend to do better. And it’s finally a tempo love song, which I’m proud of, and secondly, I just love my wife very much. We’re more than just a great married couple. We’re best friends and we work together as well ... I’m still trying to impress my wife every day, man. She’s hot. She could’ve had anybody, but she picked me.”

Janson’s third and newest studio album, Real Friends, which contains Janson's current single single “Good Vibes” and “Done,” dropped Oct. 18, and according to Janson, 95 percent of the album was recorded in his home studio. He also noted approximately six writers and musicians had their first cut or major label experience on the album.

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