If you have ever been sitting in traffic on a hot July afternoon and noticed the guy in the car next to you was blaring Christmas music then you have met me. I love Christmas music. I listen to it throughout the year. I would like to share with you 5 of my favorite Christmas tunes. It would please me greatly if you would share your 5 favorite Christmas tunes with me.


  • 1

    Mary Did You Know - Kenny Rogers and Wynonna

    There are several versions of this song that are all done very well. This particular version gives me the chills every time I hear it. The unique vocal style of Wynonna coupled with the emotional appeal of Kenny Rogers simply brings this incredible story to musical life.

  • 2

    All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan - Kenny Chesney

    As much as I love Christmas music I absolutely despise cold weather. I was born for heat and humidity and this song is a musical adaptation of what I consider to be the perfect Christmas. I don't care for snow and sleighs, give me bikinis and a beach and you don't even need to pack any stockings.

  • 3

    Let It Be Christmas - Alan Jackson

    Christmas is a spirit that we need to carry in our hearts everyday of the year. I think if we could actually bottle the feelings the holidays bring out in us and uncork that bottle during other times of the year the world would be a better place. Alan Jackson sums it up very nicely in this tune.

  • 4

    Some Children See Him - James Taylor

    Musically this may be one of the most beautifully produced pieces of Christmas music ever. The strings, the harmony, the vocals are breathtaking. This song is about how Christmas has no color, no race, no hate.The lyrics of this song eloquently relate that message to all people. James Taylor demonstrates why he is adored by so many and has been for so many years.

  • 5

    Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

    The gentle notes of the piano land like gently falling snow. The soft touches of the brushes on the drum kit are like a wintry breeze that sends the snowflakes dancing in the street lights. This instrumental piece that was made popular on the Charlie Brown Christmas special is perfect for seasonal reflection. In this musical journey there is peace, hope and a softness that Christmas must surely be about.

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