Science has proven what most of us have already figured out. We like Christmas music. Well, we like Christmas music up to a point, then we begin to show a great disdain for the holiday classics.

For those of us who grew up with Tonka Trucks, electric trains, and wood burning kits for Christmas the music of the holiday season shouldn't really start until the day after Thanksgiving.

We are the traditionalist. We like our holidays celebrated in order. Still, there are a lot of people who need and want to get their holiday fix a few weeks ahead of turkey day.  When you consider  how many people have already started their holiday shopping I can actually see the reason for wanting some holiday music in the car at least.

A recent survey showed that most retailers will resort to Christmas decorations and Christmas music over the instore sound system around Halloween. While this might bring about sour looks from many shoppers and those who look at Christmas as a chore, the bottom line loves the early start to holiday shopping.

By the way, another method retailers use to get you in the mood to spend money besides Christmas music is the proliferation of holiday related scents. These scents have been shown to increase the average amount spent per shopping trip by a significant amount.

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