Every now and then someone posts something online that is real. More often than not, it seems, stuff that is getting posted isn't real.

Or, rather, it is real, but it is set up.

That leads me to this question: is this Church's Chicken sign in Lafayette real?

This picture was posted on Reddit earlier today:

Allegedly, this photo was taken at the Church's Chicken on North University Avenue in Lafayette.

We are temporarily closed

due too know staff

Thanks management

Okay, so let's break this thing down.

The first line looks fine (to me, at least). The second line is where we run into issues. Of course, it should say, "Due to no staff".

The final line looks fine (to me, at least).

So it looks like, out of 10 words, 2 are not spelled correctly.

Is that so bad? Some might think so because these aren't exactly rocket surgery-level words.

Now, let's break this down a little more:

First, if this sign is real, my heart is broken for the person our education system has failed. Let's face it: Louisiana isn't leading the way in that department, as we stand 48th in line to receive a gold star for education among the other 49 states.

I'm not blaming any teacher or any school or the person who wrote the sign (if the sign is even actually real and not a joke): I am blaming the system.

For whatever reason, the person who wrote this sign did not get a proper education.

Second, doesn't Church's Chicken have tape? Like, a roll of scotch tape? (Stickers? Really?)

Third, has competition caused restaurants like these to price themselves out of being able to afford to hire employees? If restaurants continue to underprice each other, I'm thinking that this may be possible.

via Google Street View
via Google Street View

And, finally, I realize that just because someone might not be able to spell doesn't mean that they can't be successful or good at anything else.

I knew a man who was very intelligent and ran several successful businesses, but he couldn't spell well. I didn't think any less of him as a person, he just wasn't an accomplished speller.

And I ask that you give whoever wrote this note the benefit of any doubt you may have regarding their abilities.

I also hope that we can improve our education system so that no more people fall through the cracks, regardless of whether the sign is real or not.

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