A Lafayette Consolidated Government road sign was reportedly hacked by someone and they expressed how they really felt about President Joe Biden.

KLFY-TV 10 reports that an electronic message sign at the Evangeline Thruway near 11th Street was reprogrammed Friday morning and on it was a vulgar message about the current President of the United States.

On the road sign in Lafayette, it read, " F*** JOE BIDEN."

No, this isn't the first time we've seen these types of signs "hacked" and according to some, these signs are easily hacked into.

There are even websites and tutorials posted online that instruct you how to get into these types of message boards.

LCG is aware of this and they have turned the case over to the Lafayette Police Department and they are now investigating the case.

KLFY reports that passwords for these types of signs are often very generic, thus it can be difficult to find out who may have reprogrammed the message on the sign in Lafayette.


A photo of the unedited sign in Lafayette was sent to us by a listener who drove past it.


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