Will the City of Abbeville be leasing a golf course? The short answer is it looks like they might. Last night the city council agreed to allow the city to pursue a lease that would allow for the city to lease Vermilion Oaks Golf Course. Currently, the course, located on Highway 14 is closed.

According to a report on KATC TV 3, the city is exploring a lease agreement with owners of the property. That lease agreement would require the city to spend $50,000 on improvements at the course. The owners of the facility would spend $20,000 of their money on improvements as well.

The lease would be on a month to month basis for $1,000. The city would have the right to cancel the lease agreement at any time. Of course, there are other terms and stipulations that need to be ironed out between the city's attorneys and the owners of the property.

Once the terms have been finalized the agreement will be presented to the city council for approval.

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