In South Louisiana it's almost a necessity. At our house we called it the "beerigerator" that's the old fridge that is out in the garage whose sole purpose was to keep an abundance of beer chilled. Many homes in South Louisiana have a second refrigerator or freezer that's in a utility room or in the garage. CLECO, the Central Louisiana Electric Cooperative wants you to get rid of that old fridge or freezer and they're willing to put their money where their mouth is.

CLECO is offering their customers a $50 recycling bonus when they discontinue use of that old cooling unit. The reasoning behind the incentive is quite clear. Because many of these units are much older they are not nearly as energy efficient as newer models. Some of these refrigerators or freezers could be using three times the amount of electricity as newer energy efficient models.

This is a great way to responsibly recycle a unit and get a $50 incentive for doing so. Plus receive maximum savings to help manage your electric bill.

Those are the words of Robyn Cooper a spokesperson for CLECO.  She said that customers who are considering the idea can look for more information on the program at the CLECO website.

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