After the New Orleans Saints victory over the Atlanta Falcons, a startling allegation made its way around the internet. Rumors surfaced that Saints head coach Sean Payton was involved in a paternity suit. This didn't sit well with Saints fans, until they read the full story.

A paternity suit was brought to New Orleans Civil District Court Monday morning that named Sean Payton as the defendant. The suit, which is a class action case filed by the city of Atlanta, accuses Sean Payton of illegitimate parentage over the Falcons organization.

The Saints have dominated the Falcons since Sean Payton took over the team in 2006, racking up a 12-3 record against Atlanta. With the numerous victories, there has been speculation that Sean Payton was the Falcons' 'daddy', having dominated the team for nearly a decade. According to the story:

“Obviously there is a great deal of confusion in this case,” said Payton. “I have definitely lorded over them, scolded them, punished them, and occasionally beat them like a red headed stepchild when they have disobeyed me in my house, but does this suit have merit? Definitely not.”

Sean Payton and the Saints will have another chance to prove 'Who's Your Daddy' when they march into the Georgia Dome on Thursday, November 21st.

It remains to be seen how this suit will play out in court.