Many on social media are reporting that the men stranded on a drill rig in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida are beginning to be evacuated by the Coast Guard. Photos posted to a Facebook group show the tarnished state of the rig due to the effects of the storm.

Facebook via Scotty Thibodeaux

Many concerned folks on social media are utilizing a Facebook group named 'Louisiana Hurricane Response Group.' to stay updated on what is happening with the men that were reportedly stranded on The Noble's Globetrotter II.

Scotty Thibodeaux posted in the group and confirmed that the Coast Guard arrived on the ship. See his post below.

Thibodeaux included photos and a video of the state of the ship, as there is clearly significant damage across the rig after Hurricane Ida passed over.

Another confirmation of the Coast Guard landing on the rig came from Michelle Chouest which you can see below.

Thibodeaux revisited the group to give an update that the ship was being evacuated by two helicopters. See that post here.

Chief Meteorologist for our media partners at KATC-TV3, Rob Perillo, provided some context for the situation via the below Twitter posts.

Many in the Facebook groups are sending messages of praise and thanks that these men are getting some help. Check out the response below.

This story is developing and will be updated when more information is available.

See the initial report on the story from KLFY below.

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