Last week, I think it rained at my house every day. No, there weren't any flooding rains or tremendously heavy downpours but it was enough falling water to keep outside projects on hold and lawn and garden maintenance at a standstill.

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It does look as if this week you will be able to get all of those outside projects not only underway but maybe even completed without breaking too much of a sweat. A cold front, or more accurately described, a cool front will push through South Louisiana during the day today.

Behind this front, you won't notice the stark difference in temperatures that we got from our last cold front but you will notice the lack of humidity. Which for many of us is even better than having cooler temperatures.

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The forecast office with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles is calling for a minimal threat of rain today. Rain chances are only 30% and those chances of rain will be waning as the day wears on. By tonight, a breeze from the north should make outside feeling quite pleasant, if not a little chilly. Granted the temperatures will still be in the upper or middle 60s there could be enough of a breeze to make you wish you had some sleeves on your arms.

The outlook for the rest of the workweek looks spectacular with little or no precipitation even mentioned once we get past tonight's very slight risk of rainfall. Forecasters do anticipate an increase in temperatures as the workweek wears on but for the most part skies will be clear at night and sunny during the day.

You know, this might be a good week to take the top off the Jeep or take the top down on the old ragtop and go for a drive.

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