Here is yet another sign of our times. The latest health issue to pop up because of over use of smartphones and computers has to do with your eyes. Actually not your eye, the eyes of your children.

Take just a minute and contemplate how much time does your child spend in front of an electronic screen? Many eye care professionals are starting to see more and more younger patients arriving in their offices complaining of eye strain and even more serious issues because of staring at computer screens or the smaller screens on telephones.

Dr. Monica Monica a spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthamology suggests that the issue with these electronic screens starts with blinking, or lack of blinking. She told the Louisiana Radio Network.

Blinking is very important because people will dry out. The tear film will evaporate and unless you blink and spread that tear film you can get dry eye syndrome.

A recent report suggested that over two-thirds of millennials have reported or complained of eye related issues  to their health care provider. Many believe it is because of the extended use of computers and smartphones. Many teens and millennials spend anywhere from eight to ten hours per day either on a computer or a smartphone.

In addition to eyes feeling dry and itchy, many patients also suffer from headaches. The suggested remedy for these conditions is simple, don't spend as much time looking at the phone or the computer. If you must spend time on the  computer be sure to give your eyes frequent breaks and if necessary see your eye care professional for medication or drops to ease the dryness.

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