They don't play games on paper. They don't play games, that count, on computer screens either. Yet, every year come playoff and championship time we play out the games on both. Then we wonder why our predictions have gone so far south when the actual outcome is totally different than we thought it would be.

Tonight the University of Alabama will play the University of Georgia for the right to be called College Football National Champion. It's the latest money grab from the NCAA and it should be an entertaining game. There are a lot of storylines that will intersect in Atlanta tonight so we've got drama, we've got the strategy, and we've got human emotions.

Only one of those three components, strategy, can be simulated by a computer program but we won't let that stop us from telling you who will win tonight's game. According to a story from SEC Country, a website dedicated to all things Southeastern Conference, the winner of tonight's game should be the Georgia Bulldogs.

According to the story, those in charge of this experiment ran and recreated tonight's game 100 different times. They discovered that Georgia came out on top in 67 of those simulations.

By the way, this same simulation accurately predicted that it would be Alabama and Georgia meeting in the title game after the playoff teams were announced. So, there is a bit of historical accuracy associated with this computer program.

Let's just hope that the game lives up to the hype and both teams perform at their best. My personal hope is that the guys in striped shirts don't make any unnecessary or game-changing appearances that will leave us all with a sour taste in our mouths that we'll have to live with until next fall.

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