Conor McGregor is once again stirring the pot with Dustin Poirier on social media after being defeated by "The Diamond" twice in-a-row. McGregor continues to bring up Poirier's wife online, as he hopes to get back to fighting shape after surgery.

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If you watched the last fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, you know that Poirier took the victory home to Lafayette. Meanwhile, McGregor was left on the mat with a broken leg and lots to say while grimacing in defeat. Ringside video even showed McGregor shouting out death threats at Poirier.

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McGregor was taken out of the arena on the stretcher and Poirier walked out on his own two feet, having defeated the Irishman twice in a matter of six months.

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Since his last victory, Poirier has enjoyed his time-off. He even graciously accepted a "Sleepy McGregor" chain from Jake Paul after the victory. By the way, that chain was worth $100k and Poirier ended it up auctioning it off for his Good Fight Foundation.


As Poirier enjoys family time, he is bound for a title shot in the Lightweight division of the UFC sometime in the next year. Poirier's next fight hasn't been set quite yet, but surely all of Acadiana will be ready to support him whenever and wherever that fight may take place.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is rehabbing his leg in hopes of making a UFC comeback. While McGregor works on that leg, he certainly has not lost any strength in his mouth.

The most recent online exchange between Poirier and McGregor stemmed from a story that the Lafayette Legend told on a podcast hosted by Louisiana-born comedian, Theo Vonn.

See the clip from the interview of Poirier telling the story of a past street-fight, with McGregor sharing his opinion on Twitter below.

Of course, @DustinPoirier had to respond with one simple photo. That response sent McGregor into a spiral of smack-talk. Check out the exchange here.

Of course, McGregor is referring to his first matchup with Poirier where he was victorious.

The UFC community will go back and forth forever about fighters, especially the beloved Conor McGregor. But the facts remain that McGregor has a long road ahead if he ever wants to be on top of any division in the UFC.

Meanwhile, Dustin Poirier is in the best position of his career with a title-shot in his headlights.

The conversation continued with the below posts.

While McGregor hopes to one day get back in the octagon after the leg injury he suffered during the last loss, Poirier remains unbothered and undefeated by the Irishman in the past year.

More Twitter users reacted to the exchange and you can see those posts here.

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