I love Costco, and yes, I'm a member. With that being said, as much as I adore the free samples, great selection, and awesome sales, even I admit that there are certain things I won't purchase in the store. And that's mainly because I don't need the 5-gallon jar of jalapenos or a 15-inch cherry pie.

Business Insider asked Costco workers what items they would be reluctant to purchase in their store, and you might be surprised at their answers, and the reasons behind them.

  • Produce. Although the quality is outstanding, purchasing in bulk means that some of it goes to waste before families or individuals can eat it all. (Although, I did get a beautiful, x large pineapple today for just $2.29)
  • Bakery Items. Again, huge. Some don't have the room for the extra-large pies, cakes, or super size sleeves of cookies and bagels. The value is good, just too big.
  • Gallon Size Mayonnaise. It would take a lot of sandwiches to get your value out of this gigantic container. And once open, gotta refrigerate that baby, which takes up a lot of shelf space in the fridge.
  • New Products. If they don't like it, they are stuck with a six month supply.
  • Books and DVDs. One employee said they are too expensive. I personally think they are a great value, especially if you are giving as a gift.
  • Nothing. Some of the employees said they would buy everything from their store if they had the disposable income to buy in bulk


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