Having a Costco membership is a pretty awesome thing, but we bet you don't know just how valuable it is to be a member in 2019. The folks at Wide Open Eats found some amazing and little known advantages to belonging to this club, and we wanted to pass along the extra perks. Enjoy!

  • Mortgages. Yes, they offer purchasing and refinancing options.
  • Insurance. Dental, home, auto, life and renters. Wow!
  • Gas. You probably knew about this one, but the prices are generally much cheaper than the big dogs down the street.
  • Health Services. Optical services, hearing aids, and even discounts on pet prescriptions
  • Travel. I use this a lot. Cruises, rental cars, amusement park packages, and hotel discounts.
  • Cars. They don't sell cars, but provide discounts from dealerships across the USA. Their auto program also gives discounts for parts, services, and accessories.
  • Checks. Yes, you can order custom checks at your local store
  • Gift Cards and Movie Tickets. They also offer entertainment tickets, restaurant cards and amusement park tickets. All at a really good discount.
  • ID Monitoring. You can sign up for credit monitoring alerts, and in this day and age, that's a really nice thing to have!
  • Business Services. This includes things like water delivery, health insurance, and phone services. If you are a small business owner, this is ideal!




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