Do you have a Costco membership in Louisiana? Well, unfortunately, you will be seeing an increase in that membership cost soon.

The price of a Costco membership will increase in September, the first price hike since 2017.

Starting September 1, the cost of a Gold Star membership (the basic tier) will increase from $60 to $65.

Those of you with Executive memberships (a higher tier plan) will see an increase from $120 to $130. The maximum annual 2% cash-back reward for Executive members will increase from $1,000 to $1,250 when prices go up.

The announcement of the membership price increase was made during an earnings call on Wednesday.

The last membership price hike was back in June 2017.

The below graphic shows the membership price increases over the years since the company was founded in 1983.

Costco said this upcoming price hike will affect some 52 million memberships. About half of those are the higher-tier Executive option.

Competitor Sam's Club last raised their membership prices in 2022. However, they charge less than Costco as it is $50 for a base membership and $110 for its Plus membership.

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Across the country, there are more than 600 Costco warehouses.

In Louisiana, there are only three Costco locations:

  • Baton Rouge - 10000 Dawnadele Ave Bldg A
  • Lafayette - 201 Meadow Farm Rd
  • New Orleans - 3900 Dublin St

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