Just when consumers thought they might be getting a bit of a break on the cost of driving comes word that as one commodity goes down in  price, a necessary evil goes up in price. The necessary evil I am referring to is automobile insurance.

You might be wondering how gas prices could linked to insurance rates? The answer is simple. When gas prices are lower people drive more. When people drive more there is the potential for more mishaps to occur.

The Insurance Information Institute says more vehicles on the roadway is a natural contributor to more incidents on the roadway. That would make sense. However Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon is blaming something else.

I personally observe so many drivers who are texting while driving and you see it almost at every stop light.

So we've got more drivers driving while distracted, that would certainly create a recipe for bad things to happen on the roadways.Commissioner Donelon in speaking to the Louisiana Radio Network suggested that  if we want safer roads and lower insurance rates it's going to be up to us to make that happen.

Whether it's speed limits or red light enforcement and of the states and local governments to keep the roads up to necessary standards.

Oh yeah, it might be a good idea to ignore that mobile phone any time you're behind the wheel too.