You might see some lines at the gas pumps this Labor Day Weekend. It won't be because there is a shortage of fuel, it will be because of the large volume of vehicles on the roadway. You can expect a lot of congestion on the major roadways such as I-10 and I-49 .  I would imagine going through the tunnel at Mobile Alabama will be brutal on a Friday afternoon with hundreds of beach travelers trying to squeeze in one more weekend of sand and sun.

Don Redman an analyst with the American Automobile Association speculates that 35 million Americans will be traveling this weekend. He believes the lower cost for fuel is fueling the reason for people to travel.

I think people are going to use it to their advantage and spend some time usually, traditionally this kind of the holiday where they’ll do the last run to the beach, to the water park, campground, those types of things. It’s really a favorite outdoor weekend.

Redman told the Louisiana Radio  Network that fuel prices have not been this low since 2004.  The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Louisiana was $2.16. Some place around Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge have been selling gas for below $2 a gallon.

We’re saving upwards to $150 a month, that otherwise was going into the gas tank and so they’ve been able to do other things. It’s really been no doubt played a big role in people being able to go out and travel in big numbers.

Redman says fuel forecast show a continued drop in gas prices. He suggests that the statewide average for fuel will be below $2 per gallon by mid- October.