Well look what we have here. Not only is it a Saturday night in Acadiana, but it is also 4th of July! I guess that means we have to do things extra big tonight. While we get ourselves prepped for Classic Country Saturday Night, let's take a second and see how our favorite stars were celebrating the Independence Day holiday.

July 4th:

1981: Barbara Mandrell took over the #1 spot on the Billboard country chart with our Classic Country anthem, 'I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool' featuring the Possum himself. She just rocks!



1986: Lee Greenwood performed his hit 'God Bless the USA' in New York Harbor during the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II arrived from England for the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. (I still remember getting the chills the very first time I heard this classic.)



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Happy Independence Day and a big salute to the men and women who sacrificed it all so we could celebrate this day. #Merica

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