Do you ever read some of those crazy surveys and wonder if they are as "precise" as they seem to be? Believe it or not, this latest survey refers to which vehicles may help a man or woman find love. 

Are you automatically attracted to someone just by looking at the vehicle they drive? A nice vehicle can certainly be a plus, but come on, that would make us somewhat sleazy if we only liked people because of what they drove. If you like someone for who they are and they drive a nice vehicle, then that's a plus plus!

According to a new Yahoo survey, women are MOST attracted to men who drive pickup trucks. You know that Joe Diffie lyric- "There's something women like about a pick-up man..." It's true, my man drives a truck too. Hmm, I wonder if they only surveyed women from the South.

Also, women are LEAST attracted to men driving mail trucks. Here is the breakdown of what women like their men driving:  32% of women like the pickup trucks, 27% like the sports car, 16% like SUVs, 11% like the sedans, 9% like hybrids or electrics, 4% like UPS trucks, and 2% like minivans. Oh, and 1% like the mail trucks.

On the contrary, men have their preferences as well. Men find women who drive sports cars the most attractive. 39% of men say sports cars are the most attractive vehicle a woman can drive. Here is the breakdown:  22% like sedans, 20% like SUVs, 10% pickup trucks, 6% say hybrids or electrics, and 4% say minivans.

Women like a man driving a black vehicle and men like a woman driving a red vehicle. The point of this survey is that there is no point! Next time you fall in love with someone, think back on this survey and see if he or she is more attractive because of what they are driving. I bet it will not matter.

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