When I think of chimps, I think of Cheetah from the Tarzan movies or Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp from Saturday morning of my childhood. These chimps are behaving more like people in downtown Detroit.

I guess in every social environment there is discourse. We know it happens in the human world because we have a record of it, it's called The News. In the animal kingdom there is always a fight for supremacy. Yes, it usually is among the males of the species just like it is in the human world. The results are strikingly similar to those we might see at the top of the food chain.

Obviously one chimp is upset at another chimp so they begin to settle their differences in a physical way. The instigator chimp soon begins to take his aggression out on all the other chimps. The battle culminates with one chimp grabbing a large stick and proceeding to beat the tar out of the other chimps.

I find it rather disturbing that this behavior closely resembles Walmart on black Friday after Thanksgiving.

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