The final item on the agenda for a committee of the Crowley City Council Wednesday caused the meeting to devolve into an argument between two aldermen.

Footage from YouTube showed Alderman Brad Core approaching Alderman Jeff Cavell as the two were heatedly debating. Core waved his finger in the face of Cavell, at which point Cavell slapped Core's hand away. It didn't dissolve into a physical fight as members of the Crowley Police Department ended up separating the two men.

So, what started all of this? It all stems from whether or not the accounting firm of Kolder, Slaven & Company was going to get the job of auditing. There was a question about whether or not something like this should be done under a Request for Proposal, but committee members said "no". Then Alderman Cavell, chair of the committee, made a claim that having to have a Certified Public Accountant on staff was "basically extortion" to which Core objected. Cavell claimed getting the accountant was the only way to get the budget passed because Core was getting what he wanted.

Things broke down further with people just talking, with no one being officially recognized. At that point, Core walked over to Cavell.

Why this particular issue was so inflammatory remains to be understood at this point.

When all was said and done, the measure to secure the accounting firm ended up not passing. So, what will happen to the accounting needs of the council committee? No one knows at this point. Why is this issue such a tough one? Is it about how much money is being spent on the contract? We will work to get answers, if we can, to these questions.

Below is a video from a February 1, 2019 story from KATC, about a disagreement with the Crowley Council, so it's not the first time.

Click here, and you will find a report from KLFY about tensions in October 2020.

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