Life in Louisiana used to be full of surprises. We might be surprised while we are fishing with the sudden appearance of an alligator or we might drive down Interstate 10 and not encounter a delay because of road construction. No, that wouldn't be a surprise, that would be a miracle. But when you think about it, technology has robbed us of the element of surprise.

Classic Electrics via YouTube
Classic Electrics via YouTube

Do you remember answering a phone call without knowing who was calling? Yeah, caller ID took the mystery out of that, didn't they? The same can be said for our front doors. It used to be that to know who was at your front door you had to open it. Then came the popular "peephole" that many hotels still use. And now, thanks to computers and whatnot many of us have a camera and microphone attached to our door frame where our old doorbells used to go.

Louisiana Ring Doorbell Owners Might Be Owed Money

If you purchased a Ring Doorbell for security and protection or you just like being nosy about who is hanging around your front door, you might be entitled to money coming back from the company. The Federal Trade Commission has announced that refunds totaling $5.6 million are owed by the company.

The reason for the refunds is a settlement in a case that accused Ring of allowing employees access to customers' private videos. The case also suggested that Ring failed to implement security protections that allowed hackers easier access to the Internet-supported devices.

The case also suggested that Ring used information and data collected from the devices to train its algorithms without the consent of customers. The FTC ruling said the actions or inactions were an egregious violation of users' privacy.

How Do I Get My Refund From The Ring Doorbell Settlement?

According to the Federal Trade Commission so far 1,200 Louisiana residents are owed a refund from Ring. From what we have learned the total compensation going to Louisiana users in this case is $57,752. If you do the math that's a little over $48 coming back to customers. According to the FTC, payments will be made via PayPal. If you believe you are owed a refund and have questions you may call 1-833-637-4884.

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