If you are a customer of Entergy, you will be getting a refund soon.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission worked out a multi-million dollar settlement with Entergy Louisiana on Wednesday, April 26, according to officials.

The final tally is a $36 million settlement as a result of a lawsuit by the Public Service Commission against Entergy for overcharging customers to cover the costs of operating the Grand Gulf nuclear plant.

Commissioners with the Louisiana Public Service Commission were satisfied with the settlement agreement.

“Louisianians, and anyone actually across the South in Entergy’s portfolio, were being overcharged for a power plant that was not working,” said District 3 Commissioner Davante Lewis.

Entergy Corporation
Entergy Corporation

“When people like Entergy or any other utility gets out of line, they’re going to face our lawyers and we’re going to hold them accountable,” added District 4 Commissioner Mike Francis.

The refunds will be spread out over the upcoming months, officials added.

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