Ben Mitchell

Taxidermy and cooking, normally they are two professions you wouldn't link together. TV's Cooking Channel and the rest of the world are about to find out what happens when you link the two in the upcoming season of The Freshman Class.

The show is about first year cooking students at The Louisiana Culinary Institue and one of the main stars comes from right here in Acadiana. Ben Mitchell has been a taxidermist in Crowley for quite a few years. His desire is to leave the barely making ends meet world of stuffing dead animals for the fame and fortune, or at least comfortable life as a restauranteur. In Louisiana, that would still mean dealing with a lot of dead animals, he just will be stuffing them with a more delicious filling.

Some of the other key figures that will be featured on The Freshman Class this season include: a mother and daughter from Baton Rouge, A former Marine from St. Francisville and a stripper from New Orleans. The show and the classes take place at The Louisiana Culinary Institute.

The Cooking Channel is available on many local cable systems and satellite providers. The Freshman Class will feature new episodes Monday evenings at 9:30 Central time.

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