Imagine sitting down to breakfast on a Saturday  morning and looking up from your plate and seeing your most favorite princess in the whole world. Or perhaps as you butter you toast, you happen to notice a super hero strolling by. That could be a reality for you and your kids this Saturday  morning at Lafayette's Petroleum Club.

Christian Youth Theater of Lafayette is sponsoring a character breakfast. The breakfast is a fund raising event for the theater company. For the price of you ticket you'll receive a delicious breakfast and the chance to meet and take pictures with some of the characters made famous in books, movies, stage, and screen.

There will be elegant princesses for little girls and muscular superheroes for little and boys and Mom and Dad will have the pleasure of knowing they are helping out a truly great organization for kids in the Lafayette area.

If you're not familiar with CYT Lafayette, you should be. The performances they produce and talent they bring out in our kids incredible. My own  daughter, Anna, is a veteran of many CYT performances. As a Dad who's worked the backstage and front of the house, I can tell you the CYT experience is as much about family and faith as it is about theater.

The next CYT big show is already on  the schedule  for May. It's an adaptation of Mary Poppins. Based upon the inside information I  have, I can tell you it will blow you away. You will be awestruck by the sets, the costumes, the music, the lights and then the talent and professionalism of the CYT performers will leave you with your mouth wide open.

If I might editorialize, the CYT experience has been a great one my child. She has learned confidence, hard work, teamwork, dedication, and most importantly how to grow within her own  faith. I want that for your children too.  I do hope you will consider supporting CYT and their character breakfast this Saturday and then again in May when Mary Poppins flies into the  sky above the crowd at Angelle Hall.