Washington Commanders' owner, Dan Snyder, has been in the media headlines a lot over the past couple of months for several reasons. The Commanders' fan base has continuously shown its displeasure with Snyder after many reports have surfaced over the years that the employees there were being mistreated. There have been many reports that the D.C. Attorney General's office was looking into investigating the matter. News broke today that D.C. Attorney General, Karl Racine, is taking action against Dan Snyder, the Commanders, and the NFL.

If this wasn't enough to force Snyder up against a wall, there is growing frustration among the teams' players after a member of the Organization made a questionable statement. In response to the AG's announcement to make a statement regarding the Commanders, a member of the Organization used Brian Robinson's shooting as a rebuttal.

This did not sit well with the players as many are beginning to show their frustration towards the upper management of the organization.

The civil lawsuit against the Commanders is only the latest in what has been an ongoing saga for years now. After rumors began to circulate the team's owner might be forced to part ways with the Commanders due to growing frustration among the other NFL team owners, Snyder partnered with Bank of America. This move by Snyder sparked a lot of rumors that he was looking into selling the team. Snyder had not officially stated whether or not he has any intentions of doing so, but he did say he is "considering all options".

Snyder's statement confirmed that they are looking to sell a portion of the team, not the entire organization. However, this statement was released before the civil lawsuit was filed. This might be the final push that gets Dan Snyder to sell the entire team. The Commanders are estimated to sell for around $7 Billion, but there are some potential buyers that could make this a reality. Billionaire CEO, Jeff Bezos has been rumored to be interested in buying the team which makes sense considering Amazon Prime already has rights to Thursday Night Football.

With all the drama surrounding Dan Snyder, I think it would be best for the Commanders and NFL to part ways with the owner. The team needs a fresh start and that won't come as long as Snyder is still there. Regardless of what I think, it means nothing unless Dan Snyder decides to sell the team.

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