The Dallas Cowboys locked their guy, Dak Prescott, in with a record-breaking contract that totals up to $164 million per reports. The Cowboys QB had a record breaking signing bonus as well as a record breaking single-season payout.

Check out the details of the contract posted by @AdamSchefter on Twitter below.

More from @AdamSchefter on the specifics of the contract here.

The deal with Dak made even more history with the gargantuan signing bonus.

Cowboys' fans and Dak Prescott alike are rejoicing today, especially since his gruesome leg injury that occurred last season left many questions surrounding his future with Dallas.

The one other interesting did-bit that comes out of this deal involves another NFL quarterback, Russel Wilson.

Wilson did make clear that if he were to play somewhere other than Seattle next year it would be be with four potential teams, one of which was the Cowboys. Theoretically, that now gives the New Orleans Saints a 33.3% chance of landing Russel Wilson IF he does indeed get traded... Just saying.

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