New country duo Dan + Shay have dropped their very first music video for their debut single, '19 You + Me.' The clip will make you forget all the polar vortex talk and be ready for sun, summer and a trip to the beach!

The summer feel of '19 You + Me' starts immediately, with the waves crashing as a girl sits under a Myrtle Beach sign. She pulls a pair of purple mini binoculars from her purse and looks into them as she reminisces.

Her memories flash quickly as she recalls being one half of a young couple in love at that same beach. Dan + Shay make their appearance in an empty room in a house, where they play and sing the song that dreams over a summer love.

The couple enjoy the heat together, swimming in the pool, playing on the beach and arm wrestling for fun while Dan + Shay overlook the beach from a boardwalk. They stare off at the ferris wheel while beach-goers enjoying their individual summers.

The blonde girl's memories continue as she thinks back on playing at the arcade with her boyfriend and competing in a friendly game of mini golf. Dan + Shay bring their acoustic guitar and sweet song under the boardwalk while the girl remembers her time spent there -- playing and catching fish.

As the summer comes to an end, so does the song. The girl stands staring at the bus she's about to load, not wanting her time at the beach to end. Her memory flashes to an embrace she shared with the boy before she boards the bus, and the '19 You + Me' video fades to black.

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