The Dawg Pound Sound is back and in full swing. It's real easy to play along and win.

Here are the simple steps to winning:

  1. Know the jackpot amount which we give out 30-45 minutes before we play
  2. Be caller #7 at (337) 261-9797 when play at 7:40am, 1:40pm and 5:40pm weekdays (bonus on Thursdays at 9:40am)
  3. Correctly guess the Dawg Pound Sound and win the jackpot amount

To give you the proverbial "leg up", we're giving you all the incorrect guesses thus far.

So here you go, the complete list of what you shouldn't try to guess again for Dawg Pound Sound #2:

  • Hitting a Railroad Spike
  • Hitting a Piece of Metal (like a pot)
  • Throwing a Glass Bottle In The Trash
  • Aluminum Bat Hitting a Ball
  • Ice Dropping a Cup