***Congrats to Elizabeth Derouen of New Iberia as she won $2,097.30 in the Dawg Pound Sound! She correctly identified sound #1 -- it was TIGHTENING A GAS CAP ON A VEHICLE!***

The Dawg Pound Sound is back and in full swing. It's real easy to play along and win.

Here are the simple steps to winning:

  1. Know the jackpot amount which we give out 30-45 minutes before we play
  2. Be caller #7 at (337) 261-9797 when play at 7:40am, 1:40pm and 5:40pm weekdays (bonus on Thursdays at 9:40am)
  3. Correctly guess the Dawg Pound Sound and win the jackpot amount

To give you the proverbial "leg up", we're giving you all the incorrect guesses thus far.

So here you go, the complete list of what you shouldn't try to guess again for Dawg Pound Sound #1:

  • Poker Chips Falling
  • Electric Typewriter
  • Shuffling Cards
  • Deck of Cards
  • Typing on a Keyboard
  • Dishwasher Knob Turning
  • Typing
  • Flipping Pages in a Phone Book
  • Tapping Fingernails on a Table
  • Rolodex
  • Setting a Timer
  • Flipping Some Playing Cards
  • Crunching Celery
  • Running the Teeth of a Comb Over Something
  • Turning the Numbers (Tumblers) on a Padlock
  • Dollar Bill Counter
  • Adding Machine
  • Inventory Control Machine at the Register
  • Biting Into an Apple
  • Automatic Stapler
  • Cutting Something With Scissors
  • Turning A/C Vents in Truck
  • Turning a Key in a Lock
  • Clicking on a Computer Mouse
  • Crunching on Ice
  • Whiteout Tape On Paper
  • Opening a Bag of Dog Food - Pulling the String