Daylight Savings Time, why do we have it? Why is it necessary to turn clocks forward and backwards twice a year? To understand this query you have to look at the history behind Daylight Savings. It was Ben Franklin that first suggested the idea back in the 1700's. Most people didn't like the idea so it never really caught on.

It took a world war for folks to get the concept and during World War I that is when the United States officially tried the idea for the first time. After that war was over there was no more messing with clocks until the next world war. Then the United States started messing with the clocks again the idea caught on.

The reasoning is this, adjusting the "work day clock" to fit the most available daylight will save energy, increase productivity and make us all lose weight. I remember during the gas shortage of the 1970's the government proposed year round daylight savings time. It was really strange going to school in total darkness and a lot of people did not like the idea. So we went back to the twice a year clock switcheroo.

I probably wouldn't mind changing the clocks twice a  year if wasn't so hard to do. Fortunately a lot of clocks on cellphones, computers and cable boxes change automatically but who the hell can remember how to change the clock in the car or on their digital watch? I always have to look up instructions online.

Regardless this weekend, just before you turn out the lights after enjoying Classic Country Saturday Night, don't forget to adjust your clock ahead by one hour. If you don't you might walk in during the middle of church or be late for the buffet and neither one of those things is a good thing.

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