This weekend we will do the clock thing. It's the return to Standard Time across most of the United States. For one Ohio man, the annual "fall back" for one hour meant double the legal trouble not too long ago.

22-year old Niles Gammon was out drinking on the Saturday night in question. Niles made a poor choice and decided that he had imbibed enough for the evening and proceeded to attempt to drive himself home. The choice to quit drinking was a good choice. The choice to drive home was the poor choice

Fortunately for the motoring public, Gammon was pulled over and arrested by police for driving under the influence. The time of his arrest was listed as 1:08 AM. After processing, Gammon was released on his own recognizance. One might think that having just been pulled over for DUI that Gammon would call a friend or a cab to bring him home. This was not the case.

Gammon got back into his car and drove away from the police station. It was shortly thereafter that he was observed by another officer swerving on the roadway. He was pulled over and charged with DUI at exactly 1:08 AM again!

If you were wondering about his court date for both of these charges they were scheduled to take place at the same time. Obviously, there was no reason to buck the trend.

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