Dean-O's has been serving up some of the best food in Acadiana since the early 1970s, and their 2nd location has reopened after a major remodel.

Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon

In 1971, Dean-O's Pizza began as a small family-owned and operated pizza restaurant. Their original Bertrand Drive location is a favorite stop before and after the game or the concert, is a favorite lunch destination, and the perfect party place. With the addition of their Southside location (on Kaliste Saloom), the deliciousness that is Dean-O's is much more accessible.

The Southside location was formerly a chain Mexican restaurant, and not much was done to the dining area when Dean-O's moved in. Some decor was removed/replaced, pizza ovens were added, but the floorplan remained mostly the same.

Newly-remodeled Dean-O's South Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon

I spoke with Tim Metcalf about the renovations and asked him what was new. His response resembled a grocery list.

New floors, new fixtures, new tables, new chairs, new booths, new walls, new ceilings, new televisions, the extended bar and the removal of a wall has really opened the place up.  Oh, and they moved the alligator, too.

It's nice to have new(ly renovated) digs, but it's the food at Dean-O's that keeps me coming back. Their specialty pizzas, their pasta, salads, all great stuff. The first time I had their burger I was leery (a burger at a pizza joint?), but after the first bite, it became one of my favorites in town.

Facebook of Deano's South

Tim told me that new fixtures will be arriving over the next few weeks, so the renovation isn't quite complete, but the restaurant is open for business.

The next time you and your family or friends are looking for a place for dinner or lunch, check out the new digs at Dean-O's Southside!

Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon