Could it be that there is a place that is as quiet and tranquil as the fictional Mayberry from TV's Andy Griffith Show? Could it be that the place where good people live good lives and are good to each other is just a short drive away? It most certainly could.  A new study released by Only In Your State finds that the safest town in Louisiana is a small, comfortable, quiet town in Calcasieu Parish. The town that has earned the distinction? DeQuincy Louisiana.

I am sure this makes the town officials and the citizens of DeQuincy feel really good about themselves. Especially since a no talent comedian has targeted the town for some rather bizarre news stories.  There have been the outrageous but untrue stories about polygamy, the ban on twerking, and a personal favorite gay zombies on bath salts.

So, who is this n'er do well that has it in for DeQuincy? He is an alleged comedian named Paul Horner. He is from Phoenix Arizona and for some reason he has chosen DeQuincy to be the target of his disturbed sense of not being too funny.  But despite his less than humorous attempts to besmirch the good name of DeQuincy, the town and it's people have overcome his childish nonsense.

The facts are simply this, DeQuincy is a very nice and safe town. The study by Only In Your State cited crime statistics from the FBI for 2013 and found DeQuincy to be the safest place in the state. In fact it was the community with the highest population in the state that had zero violent crimes. The communities of Blanchard, Golden Meadow, Berwick and Haughton rounded out the survey's top five.

Congratulations to the citizens who keep DeQuincy such a nice place to live. To Mayor Lawrence Henagan and the town's law enforcement community, we salute you for making your town a good place for good people to live.




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