Our friends over at Developing Lafayette have a firm finger on the pulse of what is happening in Acadiana - and they've broken the story of a new shop on its way.

In what sounds like "Painting With a Twist" on steroids, a new pottery shop is going to be opening on the Boulevard in Lafayette.

Arnold Boulevard, that is, and the pottery shop will be called "Painted Bayou".

According to the story from Developing Lafayette, Painted Bayou is a "new DIY studio focused on handcrafted pottery and wheel classes", and will also have a retail section.

Many in Acadiana may know the person behind the new business, as she has been an educator in the parish for almost 2 decades.

Simone Potier McCrocklin was an art teacher in Lafayette Parish and, with Painted Bayou, is now providing a way for people to unnplug.

I’ve noticed a need for individuals to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with themselves and the earth. - Simone Potier McCrocklin, via Developing Lafayette

McCrocklin tells Developing Lafayette that she wants to create a space where people can unplug from the drivel of social media, "get their hands dirty, and reconnect with themselves"

Sounds like a great way to unplug, if you ask me. Getting your hands into something other than a keyboard these days sounds like a dream.

The retail section of Painted Bayou will have a variety of mugs, plates, bowls, and other dishes, according to the story. Some will be painted, others ready to be painted. There is also a "Glaze Garden" of flower-shaped pottery and many other gift/decorating ideas.

The studio will offer pottery classes and a "wheel experience".

No word if the ghost of Patrick Swayze will appear behind you to ruin your pottery, though.

According to Developing Lafayette, Painted Bayou hopes to be open by the middle of January.

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