Let's be honest, we all have championship fever. And if we're being REALLY honest, we already think that our New Orleans Saints will not only beat the Rams this Sunday, but will win the Super Bowl. There. I've said it.

But a little humility never hurt anyone, so I'll just cheer on my team no matter what happens. Who Dat!

And Dez Bryant clearly feels the same way. We were all excited when Dez got picked up in the middle of the season by the Saints, after being released by the Cowboys. And it was terribly upsetting that he tore his Achilles tendon in only his second practice with the team. Out for the season, but still a Saint.

Dez posted on Twitter earlier this week that not only is he expecting the Saints to win the Super Bowl, but he wants his ring too! This might not sit well with some, I'm guessing. I mean, it wasn't like he contributed to a winning season, and yet, he is still a team member. Thoughts?

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