He must have had a long night.

Several people are posting videos on social media that appears to show former President Bill Clinton sleeping during President Biden's speech at his inauguration ceremony.

The former president is seen sitting with his wife and other former U.S. Presidents, but that may not have stopped him from snoozing during Biden's speech.

President Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday morning after defeating former President Donald Trump.

We hope that someone woke up Bill and that they didn't just leave him there. It's very cold in Washington D.C.


Now, let's rewind to four years ago when Bill was caught admiring Ivanka Trump as she made her way down prior to her father's inauguration ceremony.

If you recall, the internet was quick to catch Hillary "busting" her husband as he appeared to be admiring Ivanka in 2016.

Yeah, he was not too sleepy then.


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