He was arrested for allegedly putting stickers on private property.

A man in Pennsylvania was arrested after he allegedly put Anti-Biden stickers on gas pumps at a gas station.

Chances are you have seen these stickers around Acadiana if you go to the gas pump, but one gas station in Pennsylvania has had enough of those defacing their property.

With high gas prices around the country, some are blaming President Biden and his administration for the spike, and some are putting stickers on gas pumps that show Biden pointing to the prices saying, "I Did That."


Well, when one gas station attendant saw a man putting these stickers on the pumps, they approached him and that is when things escalated.

Police were called to the station and that's when the man was taken into custody. The clerk told police that the man sprayed a substance on the stickers, which would make it difficult to remove them from the pumps.

The incident was caught on camera and posted on Facebook. As you can see below, police had to use force to take the suspect into custody.


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