If a political pundits assessment is correct, Governor Bobby Jindal may be in direct violation with the constitution he swore to uphold. Well known political analyst and commentator C.B. Forgotston has filed a complaint with the State Inspector General in which he believes Governor Bobby Jindal clearly violated Louisiana's Constitution by circulating a press release that was critical of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Forgotston told the Jim Engster Radio Show,

The state constitution prohibits the use of state funds for the support or defeat of any political candidate

Forgotston says the press release was on official letterhead used by the Governor's office. He believes this use of state materials and funds should be investigated. So he, Forgotston, has filed a complaint with Stephen Street, Louisiana's Inspector General.

As for Jindal's office, they have suggested that it is well within the rights of the Governor of Louisiana to comment on statements of national security.  The alleged violation of the constitution occurred when Jindal released to the press statements critical of Rand Paul. Specifically pointed out in the press release was his assessment certain members of the Republican Party were involved in the creation of ISIS,the Islamic terror organization. That same press release stated that Jindal believed Paul was not suitable to become Commander in Chief.

The State Inspector General's office has not commented on whether or not there will or will not be an investigation.