In less than six weeks Bobby Jindal will no longer be the Governor of Louisiana. A lot of people might think that's a good thing. Many political pundits and just voices around town have expressed disappointment in Jindal and his time in office.  I am sure the things he did to improve our state will sign brightly through the eyes of history but let's face it, the last couple of years haven't been really good for Bobby or Louisiana.

So what does a former Governor do after he is no longer in office? Probably he will do what most former elected officials do when their are no longer in government. He will get paid and probably paid well.

I would think that he would probably try to sell that expertise to some company as a consultant, to some national company, try to get on some national boards.

Those are the opinions of Bernie Pinsonat as expressed to the Louisiana Radio Network. I agree with Bernie. Jindal should have not trouble landing a very lucrative gig in the private sector.

I'm pretty sure that's what Mary Landrieu did after she lost the Senate race. She is probably making more money and dealing with less scrutiny but that's just my opinion looking from the outside in.

Would Jindal seek political office again? You certainly can't rule that out and as Pinsonat explains there needs to be some time for the electorate to forget the bad feelings.

Three, four, five years, it's unlikely Jindal can run for political office unless he sets out to rehab his political image in Louisiana.

In the near term look for Bobby to find himself sitting on a high powered board of some high powered company that needs an "in" to the government  movers and shakers.  Old politicians never die, they just move on and become lobbyist. That's where they really do the most damage to the state they were once sworn to serve.

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