Old politicians never die, they just become lobbyist and find new ways to make sure we the people continue to be governed by the rich and powerful. If that sounded like an editorial statement it was. I don't care for lobbyist. I understand why there are people that do that job. Personally I find it hard to distinguish between a lobbyist and prostitute but again that is my opinion.

Do I think former Senator Mary Landrieu is a prostitute? No, I think she has a similar job as a prostitute and probably gets paid a lot more money. If you didn't hear, Mary Landrieu has basically given up politics for the higher paying more lucrative field of lobbying congress.

Lobbyist aren't subject to the same laws and regulations that elected officials are. They can also earn a lot more money. They don't have to worry about getting reelected either. Good for Mary Landrieu, not so good for Louisiana and America.

If it sounds like I am picking on Mary I probably am. She just happens to be the most recent convert from alleged statesman to political wheeler dealer in the long line of let's find another way to screw Louisiana. The thing about lobbyist is they are equal opportunity offenders. They can be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Communist, Green Party, Tea Party, even no party. Lobbyist have an agenda. They don't care about the whole country, just a small part of the country. Or in some cases a foreign country that is trying to broker a deal with this country.

The lobbyist mission is to gain the ear and the confidence of  sitting members of congress and sway them with facts and revelations, also known as booze, hookers, boats, gifts, cars, and other important things. The lobbyist just wants that elected official to support their agenda. To hell with what the people back home want, let's dump the nuclear waste in Bunkie it will help save the whales in China.

So I guess I have had my say. It won't change anything. At least I've said it and you might agree with me or you might think I am a total nut job. I'm good with either opinion because they probably both correct. I wish Ms Landrieu well in her new job. I thank her for her service to Louisiana. I do hope she will remember that there are a lot of good people that live here. I do hope that she will work for causes that better us all and not just a few. Forgive me if I sit on the pessimistic side of that fence.

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