[Updated] The owner of the missing money clip has been located. According to a message I received this morning arrangements to return the found money are underway. I was also asked to extend a big "Thank You"  to all of you who shared this story. Your actions helped expedite this situation to the right and proper conclusion.

[Original Story] I know what you're thinking. I am sure a lot of people placed some friendly and not so friendly wagers on the game between Alabama and LSU. If you had LSU you probably won't be seeing your money again. However, this is not a tale of gamblers gone wrong. This is a story of a good Samaritan trying to return some lost money to it's rightful owner.

Linda Boedecker Burns of Atlanta Georgia was at the game on Saturday night. She noticed a money clip and some money on the ground as she was walking into Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Instead of pocketing the money Linda did the honorable thing. She posted a picture of the money on her Facebook page. The undisclosed amount of cash was clipped by a monogrammed money clip. If you can identify the amount of money and the initials on the clip chances are Linda would be happy to return your cash.

You can contact Linda via Facebook. On a personal note, Linda I have never met you but I would like to meet you. This is beyond kind. If you're ever down in our neck of the woods please send me a note. I would like to buy you a beverage of your choice and shake your hand for proving there is still a lot of good left in this world.