Did you know that there's an Acadiana town that has a "Trump" water tower? I was today years old when I learned that, thanks to a story by KLFY.

Reporter Alece Courville interviewed Merrill Brent Ardoin, who is the owner and manager of Mamou Road Water System. Mr. Ardoin owns the tower that stands on La Hwy 13 between Mamou and Eunice that has "Trump" painted on it.

"This is a private water system so we did our homework before we put it. Police jury water system couldn't do it because it was taxpayers' money but here we borrowed the money," Ardoin said.

As you can imagine, folks stop to take pictures and talk to him about the tower.

"Ninety percent was positive. Everyone would stop me and say I'm going to vote for your man, but I doubt he will win. Well, he did," Ardoin said.

Not all people, obviously, hold the same political views. Thus, some citizens aren't happy with the tower.

"I pass the road every day, seeing this sign, making a statement saying you need to vote for him," Eunice resident Deidre McClinton says. "We all pay taxes and do whatever needs to be done."

What do you think about this tower? Should they take "Trump" off of it or is this perfectly fine with you that they support our president?

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