There are certain appliances in our homes that have an understood purpose. The washer and dryer are for clothes, the oven is to cook food, the sink is to wash dishes, well that is if you don't have a fancy contraption known as the dishwasher.


When we first put a dishwasher in our house, my mom informed me that this machine that made chores a whole heck of a lot easier could also be used to wash things besides dishes. What??

These things include:

  1. Shoes - tennis shoes are the shoes that do best
  2. Baseball Hats - they tend to lose shape in the washer; put it on the top rack and it will clean and keep shape
  3. Brushes & Combs - don't throw them out just because they have collected dust; put them through a cycle and they are brand new
  4. Toys - as long as it isn't electronic, it is safe to wash
  5. Toothbrush Holders - we all know the struggle of cleaning the bottom of these things
  6. Make-up Brushes - Ladies, brush cleaners can be expensive; this is a cheaper and easier way
  7. Sports Equipment - shin guards no exactly work well with washers; the dishwasher would be a safer bet
  8. Vacuum Attachments - to prevent clogging and just keep it all clean, put them through a cycle and you will be good to go

I am sure that there are quite a few other things that you could put through the dishwasher, but these are the main things it is used for besides washing dishes.

Do you have any other ideas? Do you put other things in the dishwasher to clean? I am curious. Comment below so I can be efficient like you.

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