Superheroes have always been big favorites when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. I remember donning a blue polyester suit that came with a cape and a Batman mask when I was a kid.  Of course, I was the original Batman from the TV show, not the pretty boy Batman from the movies. Our Batman was better, but our costumes kind of sucked.

According to many retailers in the state while superhero costumes are selling well they are no where close to the popularity of Disney themed costumes and costumes that are connected to the Star Wars franchise.

We’re getting a lot of Star Wars request. We don’t have most of the basics like Luke Skywalker or Leia but of course we’ve got plenty of Darth Vader, got like four or five Darth Vader for each age group.

Those are the words of Danielle Hebert. Danielle runs a Party City location in Slidell and when she was asked about costumes by the Louisiana Radio Network she revealed a subtle change in the mindset of female costume buyers. According to Hebert many women are going for less princess and more scary.

This year for women it’s Miss Freddy Krueger. Basically Freddy Krueger’s sweater, brown and the red striped sweater, kind of ripped up a little bit with a hat and a glove.

Retailers across the state are reporting sales of Halloween costumes are up for kids and for adults too. Since the holiday falls on a Saturday there will be trick or treating for the kids early in the evening and then the adults will be dressing up and attending Halloween parties.

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