Shut Up And Take My Money Halloween Ideas
One of my favorite shopping websites is a place called Shut Up and Take My Money. It's a site that offers unique items for the shopper with a sense of humor, adventure and whimsy. In other words it is perfect for a warped minded, left handed, slightly obtuse thinker such as myself
Honey Boo Boo Halloween Costume
What would the Halloween "season" be without us checking in with America's favorite family of freaks rednecks? Honey Boo Boo and Mama June Shannon want to share some of their favorite Halloween memories with you.
Costumes That Will Make You Say “Awh”
These kids' outfits would surely make even Scrooge (whoops wrong holiday) smile!
#5 The UPS Delivery Man
#4 The Tea Bag
#3 The Preying Mantis
#2 The Blueberry Pie
#1 The Turtle
Which one do you think is the cutest?...